How To Use Your Clinical Skills To Earn More Money Without Sacrificing The Patient Experience

Maya El Eid 26 September 2018

Building your own brand and business is difficult! Having some guidance from someone who has successfully built his brand and multiple businesses can make all the difference. Darryl Yardley joined us for a webinar to discuss how to use your clinical skills to earn more money without sacrificing the patient experience.


Join Darryl Yardley as he introduces the most clinically relevant skills that will impact your patients lives & your bottom line. You will walk away from this training with a clear path on how to channel your clinical skills to make a difference in your patients lives & build your business & brand.


Watch the video below to learn: 

  • How to build your own brand even if you’re working for someone else.
  • How to implement the skills you already have as a new grad to turn your patients into raving fans.
  • How to master the patient experience even if you only have 15 minutes per client





 Show Notes:

  • Wendy Coombs [0:52]
  • CPA Private Practice Division [0:55]
  • Mentorship Bootcamp [1:18]
  • What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve experienced so far in your career? [1:30]
  • What advice would you give to your 25 year old self? [1:51]
  • Why have you chosen to teach continuing education courses? [2:05]
  • If you could have dinner with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be? [2:24]
  • What do you and your team do when a patient doesn’t come back to complete their treatment plan? [3:06]


If you want to continue to develop and improve your clinical skills to earn more money without sacrificing the patient experience, click below to Darryl’s complete online course, the Hip Complex!

 Click here to take Darryl Yardley's online course


About the Instructor


Darryl Yardley (PT, FCAMPT) is currently the Director of Quality, Risk and Therapy Services at the Brant Community Health System. He is the Chair of the Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He is a consultant with orthopaedic and neurosurgeons and has a special interest in hip and spine. He is a co-author of, Diagnosis and Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement: An Evidence-Based Approach – Chapter: ‘Evidence for Rehabilitation After FAI Surgery: A guide to Postsurgical Rehabilitation and Supporting Evidence.’ Darryl is the professor of the Business and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy course at Western University. He also lectures at McMaster, University of Toronto and Queen's on business and practice management topics. Darryl is the founder of Mentorship Bootcamp - offering the business training and career mentorship to succeed in today’s competitive market. He consults with many clinic owners to grow their business, and develop the business-acumen of their therapists. He is the co-founder of EnCORE Research, and a partner of the Pelvic Health Research Collaborative. He is the co-founder of Entry to Practice Essentials, the first Canadian PCE study guide.


Learn How To Use Your Clinical Skills To Earn More Money Without Sacrificing The Patient Experience!

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