New Course Release: Yin Yoga: Addressing Connective Tissue Tension in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back

Pelvic Health Solutions have created a practical online course about yin yoga which addresses connective tissue tension in the hips, pelvic and low back. The course instructor, Amber Morphy, will guide you through all the most popular and effective yin postures for pelvic pain. 


Yin Yoga is particularly suited to help evoke the relaxation response; it also addresses connective tissue tightness around the hips, pelvis, low back and pelvic floor.  Yin yoga is not a restorative practice.  It is highly effective for persistent pelvic, low back and hip pain.

This course is taught by Amber Morphy a Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialist. Amber practices a variety of styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Moksha and Yin. Her passion is YIN! She received her Fitness Theory Course and Group Instructors certification through the YMCA and has also attained her CPTN Yoga instructors certification. In August 2009, she had the good fortune to travelling to British Columbia and received her YIN Yoga Teacher Trainer under the guidance of Bernie Clark.

This course includes instructional videos for healthcare practitioners as well as videos that are appropriate for patients. Practitioners taking this course can directly share the videos with their patients through Embodia, making it simple, easy and effective to transfer the information. Patients can then view the videos on the Embodia web or mobile app, track their progress, goals and notes.


 Here is a sample video from the course on Embodia Academy for healthcare practitioners.





Here is a sample exercise video from this course on Embodia Academy for patients, which you can prescribe using Embodia's home exercise prescription software. 


Continue to learn about Yin Yoga and how you can apply these techniques into your practice to help more patients reduce stress, tension and pain.

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