Raising The Bar In Patient Care & Our Profession: Technology, Tenacity & Physiotherapy

Maggie Bergeron 24 August 2018
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we ...
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Expert Series: Research, Social Media, and Business

Maggie Bergeron 13 August 2018
  This Expert Series Webinar segment features a wide range of panelists in the physiotherapy ...
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Kim Vopni: Entrepreneur & Pelvic Health Evangelist

Maggie Bergeron 11 May 2018
  Kim Vopni is an entrepreneur, a pelvic health evangelist, and mother of two boys. She is the ...
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The Physio Detective, Antony Lo

Maggie Bergeron 12 March 2018
  Antony Lo is an APA registered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Australia. He has been studying ...
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Rick Lau: Talking Entrepreneurship

Maggie Bergeron 22 February 2018
  Rick Lau is an entrepreneur who loves healthcare and SaaS. He's the Founder of Call Hero, Clinic ...
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Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Maggie Bergeron 05 December 2017
Julian D'Angelo is the founder of JD Media Group and shares his insights in digital marketing and ...
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