Mike Stewart: How To Become A Part of the Solution

Maya El Eid 30 July 2018
    Mike Stewart, the course leader for KnowPain CPD events, he has a Masters degree in ...
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How the Right Support Can Lessen Suffering

Maya El Eid 26 July 2018
Joanne Smith runs a successful nutrition business specializing in providing optimal nutritional ...
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A Touch of Compassion & Creativity

Maggie Bergeron 24 May 2018
Fernando Resende is an art director and photographer. Sixteen years ago, Fernando sustained a ...
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Kim Vopni: Entrepreneur & Pelvic Health Evangelist

Maggie Bergeron 11 May 2018
  Kim Vopni is an entrepreneur, a pelvic health evangelist, and mother of two boys. She is the ...
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Greg Lehman: A One Question Interview

Maggie Bergeron 19 March 2018
  Greg is a trained physiotherapist, chiropractor, and kinesiologist. This is a 1-Question ...
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René Pelletier: A One Question Interview

Maggie Bergeron 15 March 2018
René is an experienced athletic therapist and osteopath. This is a 1-Question Interview that gives ...
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The Physio Detective, Antony Lo

Maggie Bergeron 12 March 2018
  Antony Lo is an APA registered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Australia. He has been studying ...
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Alison Bonnyman: Paving the Way for Aquatic Rehab

Maggie Bergeron 08 March 2018
Paving the Way for Aquatic Rehab   Alison Bonnyman is a physical therapist and passionate about ...
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