How To Use Your Clinical Skills To Earn More Money Without Sacrificing The Patient Experience

Maya El Eid 26 September 2018
Building your own brand and business is difficult! Having some guidance from someone who has ...
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Expert Series: Research, Social Media, and Business

Maggie Bergeron 13 August 2018
  This Expert Series Webinar segment features a wide range of panelists in the physiotherapy ...
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Expert Series: The Biopsychosocial Approach and Trends in Our Profession

Maya El Eid 01 August 2018
Jasdeep Dhir and Vince Cunanan discuss the future of physiotherapy, orthopaedics and give their ...
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How the Right Support Can Lessen Suffering

Maya El Eid 26 July 2018
Joanne Smith runs a successful nutrition business specializing in providing optimal nutritional ...
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The Collaboration Game

Maggie Bergeron 24 July 2018
As physiotherapists, we may have Jedi hand skills, but how are our communication skills? In this ...
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A Student's Perspective: Canadian Physiotherapy National Exam

Maya El Eid 09 July 2018
Becoming a licensed Canadian physiotherapist, you must first take the written Physiotherapy ...
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A Touch of Compassion & Creativity

Maggie Bergeron 24 May 2018
Fernando Resende is an art director and photographer. Sixteen years ago, Fernando sustained a ...
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A Letter To My Colleagues

Maya El Eid 09 May 2018
Marize Ibrahim is a physiotherapist and an executive oncology division team member with the ...
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