Expert Series: How to Grow and Develop the Leadership Talent of Everyone in your Clinic

Addy Moguel 12 March 2019
Rick Lau & Scott Marcaccio have joined us for another segment of our Expert Webinar Series. The ...
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Expert Series: The Future of Physiotherapy

Maggie Bergeron 30 November 2018
We sat down with Tanja Yardley & Allan Macdonald for another Embodia Expert Series webinar. We ...
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Top 5 Tech Tools For Physiotherapists

Maggie Bergeron 04 October 2018
Owning a business can be hectic most of the time, and yet there are many online tools that can ...
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Expert Series: Turning Clinical Skills into Positive Outcomes

Maya El Eid 26 September 2018
Building your own brand and business is difficult! Having some guidance from someone who has ...
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Expert Series: How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain Millennials

Maya El Eid 03 September 2018
This Expert Series Webinar segment focuses on all the impact millennials have on the physiotherapy ...
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Raising The Bar In Patient Care & Our Profession: Technology, Tenacity & Physiotherapy

Maggie Bergeron 24 August 2018
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we ...
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Expert Series: Research, Social Media, and Business

Maggie Bergeron 13 August 2018
  This Expert Series Webinar segment features a wide range of panelists in the physiotherapy ...
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Which Social Media Platform Will Help Me Build My Practice

Holly Mitchell 02 August 2018
Love it or hate it - the social media revolution has changed the way that we (and our patients) ...
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How Interactive Patient Education Can Change Your Practice

Maggie Bergeron 10 February 2018
How Interactive Patient Education Can Change Your Practice   New research is showing that patients ...
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